2020 Wedding Cakes – Top Flavour Choices

Wedding Cake Flavours

Gone are the days when wedding cakes were invariably rich fruit cakes, covered in marzipan before being iced with a thick layer of sugarpaste (with rounded edges!) Thankfully, the vast majority of couples have moved away from traditional fruit cake and are gravitating towards more unusual wedding cake flavours.

Since most couples choose to have at least three tiers for their wedding cake, I always recommend going for at least two different flavours. Not only does this help to cater for different tastes but I personally say why have just one flavour when you can have two or three? I currently offer 10 wedding cake flavours, and you can choose a different one for each tier. Some flavours are more expensive than others, especially the ‘mud’ cakes which contain white Belgian chocolate in the cake batter itself, but it is worth spending a little extra money to add a touch of luxury to your wedding cake. Please note that I offer all couples who book me to make their wedding cake a complimentary tasting and consultation, where they can sample two delicious flavours of their choice.

Here are my most popular wedding cake flavours:

1.) Lemon & Elderflower

This was perhaps the most requested flavour of 2019, and is absolutely delicious! The sponge is light and moist, and contains freshly squeezed lemon juice and zest. Each layer of sponge is then brushed with a scrumptious homemade lemon and elderflower syrup which enhances the flavour and adds extra moisture to the cake. However, unlike most other lemon cakes, in which the flavour tends to be overpowering, my recipe has been carefully developed and the lemon flavour according to all my clients is just right. I also use a delicious lemon ganache as a filling which is a wonderful alternative to traditional buttercream. Not surprisingly, this flavour was a huge hit with all of my 2019 clients!

luxury wedding cake flavours in milton keynes finger portion with four layers

2.) Pistachio & Rose

This is another very popular wedding cake flavour. The sponge itself is a lovely colour and deliciously moist because of the ground pistachio nuts used in the recipe. The subtle flavour of rosewater adds an interesting dimension to this cake, which is particularly decadent when layered with white Belgian chocolate ganache, making it an ideal flavour for luxury wedding cakes.

3.) Madagascan Vanilla, White Chocolate & Raspberry

This immensely popular flavour is made with a classic vanilla sponge, layered with sumptuous white Belgian chocolate ganache and a high-quality raspberry conserve for added decadence and luxury. I think vanilla will always be a firm favourite with most couples!

wedding cake flavours vanilla sponge layered with white chocolate ganache and raspberry conserve

Please visit my flavours page for a full list of my current wedding cake flavours. If you would like to book a consultation and tasting please get in touch to arrange a date.

Please visit my gallery or Instagram page to view my bespoke wedding cake designs.  

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