Beautiful Bespoke Celebration & Wedding Cakes in Buckinghamshire

Here at The Rose Cake Parlour, we love what we do. Our passion, expertise and attention to detail are reflected in all of our bespoke celebration and wedding cakes, which are renowned for their elegance and intricacy.

Our goal is to work collaboratively with our clients; we take our time in understanding your personal taste, style and vision for your special day, which helps us to create the perfect centrepiece that will be as unique as you.

Exquisite Handmade Flowers – Our Speciality

“You didn’t make those flowers, I thought you picked them from the garden!”

That was Mary Berry’s reaction to the delicate floral arrangement that adorned the cake we made for her to cut. Each bloom was expertly handcrafted in-house, petal by petal. It truly was a labour of love.

We have a special love for beautiful florals and take inspiration from nature itself. From stunning roses to delicate buds and berries, we are experts in crafting realistic-looking representations of natural flowers and foliage.

Our handmade flowers are particularly suitable for wedding cake design. We can draw inspiration from your wedding flowers and bridal bouquet to come up with a truly bespoke cake design unique to you. We can also take other elements of your wedding, such as your dress, and incorporate them into the design to create a stunning piece of edible art that reflects your personal taste and style.  

Please see our flavours page for more information about the flavours we offer.

wedding cake samples on floral plate

We hope you enjoy looking through our collection of elegant cakes and handmade flowers and feel inspired by our designs!

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