5 Questions To Ask Your Wedding Cake Supplier

Bespoke cakes in Buckinghamshire

As someone who makes bespoke cakes in Buckinghamshire, I have met many couples, getting married at various different venues, and with very different tastes and styles. In the course of my dealings with each couple, I have been asked some very interesting questions about wedding cakes, and this is one of my favourite things about making bespoke cakes in Buckinghamshire – the opportunity to chat to people, from all walks of life, about something that I have a real passion for.

However, although most wedding cake makers will agree that it’s always great to have a general chat with couples, whether at a wedding fair or during our consultation, there are some important questions you should definitely ask your wedding cake maker when you first contact them. Not only will this give you an idea as to the quality of service they provide, but it will also help them to provide you with the best possible advice regarding your wedding cake, helping you to choose the best option for your big day.

A lot of couples start off asking for quotes, but if you are looking for a high quality, bespoke service then here are a few questions you should definitely ask your wedding cake maker before the price of a cake:

What size cake do I need?

Supplying bespoke cakes in Buckinghamshire and the surrounding counties means that I get to see both intimate weddings , with as few as 40 guests, to grand marquee weddings with over 500 guests! Many people assume that if they are having, say, 200 guests at their wedding, then they would need a cake to serve at least 200 or more people (which would require a 4 or 5 tier wedding cake). However, it’s important to consider when and how you plan to serve your wedding cake, as not all guests will want cake after, for example, an evening meal.

Another factor that will influence the size of your wedding cake is your venue. This is often overlooked by most couples, even though it is perhaps the most important thing to consider when choosing your wedding cake. If you are getting married at a venue like Luton Hoo, with its beautiful high ceilings and interiors, then it is better to go for a cake with at least 3 deep tiers set on a tall cake stand so that it has the desired impact of a wedding cake. The last thing you want is for your cake to look out of place in your chosen wedding venue, or go unnoticed by your guests.

How many portions will I get?

A lot of people assume that wedding cake portions are like the traditional wedge-slices that we are used to having at home and parties, and are sometimes shocked to learn how many portions you can get from one tier!

Here at The Rose Cake Parlour, each tier has at least 4 layers of cake layered with a delicious filling to suit the flavour of the cake (I generally use ganache as it is more stable but in winter I might, on occasion, use Swiss Meringue buttercream). So although you will probably get the same number of portions the size of each portion is more generous than what you would get from a lot of other places, making a traditional finger portion go a long way.

luxury wedding cake flavours in milton keynes finger portion with four layers

Can I have a different flavour for each tier?

I would personally encourage couples to choose at least two different flavours for their wedding cake, but many companies that make bespoke cakes in Buckinghamshire and elsewhere do not give couples this option, so it is important to ask this question at the beginning.

Choosing different flavours allows you to cater to the different tastes of your guests; sometimes couples are inclined towards more exotic flavours themselves, but are worried that their guests might not have the same taste. In this case you can always choose the exotic flavour combinations for the smaller top tiers (and keep one for yourselves!) and  more ‘familiar’ flavours such as vanilla or red velvet for the bottom tiers. My current most popular flavour combinations are listed on the flavours page, but please let me know if you have something else in mind! 

Do you offer consultations and cake tastings?

While most wedding cake makers do offer in-person consultations and cake tastings, some do not offer this service, so be sure to ask this question when you first contact cake suppliers.

Consultations are a great way for you to see examples of a wedding cake maker’s work ‘in the flesh’ which is important because sometimes cakes can look very different in real life to photographs! It is also an opportunity for you to have a detailed discussion about your wedding cake, how to make it unique to you, and of course to sample some cake! The taste of your cake is just as important as how it looks, so it is important to try samples of your supplier’s cakes before you book them.

Will you deliver our cake?

This is an extremely important question to ask, as tiered cakes can be very fragile and are easily damaged if they are not handled correctly.

Although there is usually an extra charge for delivery and set up, it is worth paying a little extra money to save yourself the stress and hassle of transporting your own cake to the venue on your wedding day. Don’t forget that it is not just a case of transporting the cake – it will also need to be set up so that it looks its very best and so my advice would be to entrust a professional with such a task, rather than friends or family members!

If you have any other questions about wedding cakes, or would like to discuss your own wedding cake, then please feel free to call me on 07484 155 137. You can also email me at info@therosecakeparlour.co.uk, or use the contact form and I will be in touch.

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