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Bespoke Wedding Cakes in Buckinghamshire

Supplying bespoke wedding cakes in Buckinghamshire and the surrounding counties means that I get to see lots of different wedding themes.

I have made and delivered bespoke wedding cakes throughout Buckinghamshire for couples with very different tastes and styles, using various sources of inspiration to come up with a design that is unique to each couple.

Here are some of my favourite sources of inspiration when designing bespoke wedding cakes:

Flowers & bridal bouquets

Not surprisingly, I absolutely love using floral arrangements as a starting point for a bespoke cake, especially for wedding cakes. A bridal bouquet alone is a fantastic source of inspiration and can really help to decide on colours, etc. My Roses and Vines design is an excellent example of this:

bespoke wedding cake based on vibrant bridal bouquet

The couple who ordered this wedding cake gave me complete creative freedom to design whatever I thought would be suitable for their wedding, which was to be quite simple with just family members and close friends attending. Having got to know about the couple, and their personal tastes, I decided that a vibrant ‘splash’ of colour on top of  an all-white wedding cake would look wonderful, and after searching online I found an image of the most beautiful modern bridal bouquet which I decided to use as a basis for the design of the cake. The bride was delighted with the result and said it was exactly the kind of wedding cake she wanted, which made my day!

Dress details

Bridal gowns are another great source of inspiration for wedding cake design, and a personal favourite.

I think that one of the best ways to make a wedding cake truly bespoke is to use details from the bride’s dress and incorporate them into the design, even if they are slightly adapted. I used contemporary cord lace patterns in my Cord Lace & Roses Design which seemed to look extra-pretty with the delicate roses and piped pearls along the base of each tier:

I also used a similar lace pattern on Frills & Pearls:

bespoke wedding cakes with piped lace

Colour scheme of wedding

Sometimes it is enough to just use the general colour scheme of the wedding to come up with a bespoke wedding cake design!

I have done this on a number of occasions and the result has been delightful. Rose Cascade is a prime example of this:

grey wedding cake with pink roses in different shades

In this case, to complement a pretty colour scheme of grey and pink I used different shades of pink and hints of lavender for the flowers to give more interest to the cake design, which attracted lots of compliments!

Please visit our gallery for more ideas and inspiration for your wedding cake.

If you are unsure as to how to go about designing your wedding cake, please contact me and I would be very happy to discuss ideas with you.

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