Bespoke Wedding Cakes in Hertfordshire

Bespoke Wedding Cakes in Hertfordshire

Being based in Buckinghamshire also allows me to deliver bespoke wedding cakes in Hertfordshire, Bedfordshire, and beyond.

As I have mentioned in one of my previous blog posts, there are many ways to personalise your wedding cake. You can include custom monograms and incorporate details from your dress into the cake design. You can also use your colour scheme to personalise your wedding cake. However, I also like to look at the bride’s bouquet and other floral arrangements for inspiration for almost every bespoke wedding cake that I make. I often prefer to liaise directly with florists to find out what flowers will be used, and in what colours, so that I can incorporate these into the design of the cake. This enables me to create a truly bespoke wedding cake that is unique to every couple that I work with. It also gives me the chance to try my hand at making new and interesting flowers in addition to the ubiquitous rose. Although roses are often the focal flower in most bridal bouquets and wedding floral arrangements, florists often use different varieties of rose in conjunction with other flowers. This kind of creativity in cake design produces stunning results and certainly gives your wedding cake a big wow factor!

bespoke wedding cakes in hertfordshire loose and organic floral arrangement in rich tones for an autmnal wedding cake
As a supplier of bespoke wedding cakes in Hertfordshire, I know a number of talented florists whose floral arrangements are a great source of inspiration.

Here are a few examples of bespoke wedding cakes where floral arrangements were the main inspiration behind the design:

tiered wedding cakes in hertfordshire all white wedding cake with white handmade flowers and white stencilled pattern
Floral Abundance

As its name suggests, Floral Abundance was inspired entirely by a bridal bouquet! However, whereas the original bouquet only featured David Austin roses, I decided to include three varieties of rose. Handcrafted David Austin, O’Hara and ranunculus roses all featured the design.  Delicate sweet peas and scabious flowers, which were part of the original bouquet were also included alongside the roses. The result was a stunning, bespoke wedding cake that captured the attention of the guests!

Handmade David Austin rose
white wedding flowers for elegant wedding cakes in milton keynes
Handmade O'Hara rose and scabious flowers
Handmade ranunculus rose
Navy wedding cakes
I again used different varieties of rose in conjunction with other flowers for Meghan. The soft pastel shades against the dark icing produce the most stunning contrast.

If you are looking for bespoke wedding cakes in Hertfordshire, Buckinghamshire or Bedfordshire please contact me on 07484 155 137. You can also email or use the contact form.

Please visit my gallery or Instagram page to see more images of my cakes and handmade flowers!

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