The Timeless Elegance of All-White Wedding Cakes

Elegant Wedding Cakes in Northamptonshire

Most of my cakes, with their clean lines and subtle decoration, with my signature handmade flowers doing most of the talking, are a classic example of elegant simplicity. For this reason The Rose Cake Parlour is renowned as a supplier of elegant wedding cakes in Northamptonshire,  Buckinghamshire, and the surrounding counties.

As a designer of modern and elegant wedding cakes in Northamptonshire, which is in close proximity to some beautiful venues, I strive to make my cake designs as contemporary and stylish as possible. These days it seems that pretty much anything goes and so you will notice from my gallery that I often use striking colour combinations that look just as elegant and beautiful as pretty pastels – who said that elegant wedding cakes must always be white with pale flowers?! In fact, it is often the cakes with different coloured icing and contrasting flowers that look the most striking, especially in photographs. Two examples of this are Meghan and Rose Cascade:

elegant wedding cakes in northamptonshire navy blue wedding cake with pastel handmade flowers
wedding cakes in Aylesbury grey wedding cake with handmade flowers in purple tones

However, although I love working with rich, beautiful colours I equally love delicate pastels, which feature in my cake designs as much as darker colours and are hugely popular with the vast majority of brides. But interestingly, even though I see plenty of examples of all-white wedding cakes by other cake designers on social media, I myself had never had the opportunity to work with an all-white colour palette until just recently, when I designed my latest, and probably most favourite cake to date, Floral Abundance:

tiered wedding cakes in hertfordshire all white wedding cake with white handmade flowers and white stencilled pattern

As a cake designer, I really value a bit of creative freedom, and love it when my clients trust me to design a cake to fit in with their theme. Having that little bit of freedom really does help me to produce my best work, which in turn results in very happy clients!

Anyway, back to Floral Abundance. The main source of inspiration for this cake was this picture of an absolutely stunning bouquet that I found online:

Image credit: unknown

There is something utterly captivating about this bouquet, despite its simplicity. I just love the combination of flowers and the delicate feel of the entire bouquet – not to mention the fact that it includes all the flowers that I had been wanting to try making for some time, especially the scabious (the white flowers with the green centre), which I think will be featuring in many more of my future cake designs! The only flower that I added to the arrangement on Floral Abundance was a large ranunculus rose, which has also become a new favourite of mine and seemed just right for this elegant wedding cake design:

white wedding flowers for elegant wedding cakes in milton keynes
white handmade flowers for wedding cakes in milton keynes

With such an abundance of beautiful florals, not much else was needed for this cake apart from a subtle white stencilled pattern on the icing, which I felt had to be delicate and almost mirror the top floral arrangement:

all-white wedding cakes in Milton Keynes

With its clean white icing, delicate white flowers and pretty white stencilled pattern, I feel that Floral Abundance is a classic example of the timeless elegance of all-white wedding cakes.

If you are looking for elegant wedding cakes in Northamptonshire, Aylesbury or anywhere else in Buckinghamshire or the nearby counties, no matter what the size of your wedding, please do get in touch and I’d be happy to help.

Please visit my gallery and Instagram page for more ideas and inspiration. 

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