Floral Wedding Cakes in Bedfordshire

Floral Wedding Cakes in Bedfordshire

You might have noticed that most of my cake designs feature delicate flowers – especially roses.  All the flowers on my cakes are handmade by me, petal by petal, and are a real labour of love! Not surprisingly, I have gained the reputation of a designer of floral wedding cakes in Bedfordshire, Buckinghamshire and the surrounding counties.

Floral-inspired designs are ideal for weddings, where flowers play a central role in all the décor and styling. Although bridal bouquets are my primary source of inspiration for floral wedding cakes, other floral arrangements can also inspire the design of your cake. For example, those used to decorate the top table, chairs, and yes, even buttonholes can be very useful sources of inspiration!

If you are looking for floral wedding cakes in Bedfordshire, you may be wondering why you should choose handmade flowers over fresh blooms. Although fresh flowers are unparalleled in their beauty, you should definitely consider handmade flowers for your wedding cake as when made well, they can really be a talking point for your guests!

Here are a few reasons to consider handmade flowers for your wedding cake:

1.) They can be kept as a beautiful memento of your wedding day

This is perhaps the best thing about handmade flowers, and all of the couples I have worked with would definitely agree! I personally use a medium called cold porcelain (or polymer clay as it is known in some countries) which dries flexible and is extremely robust and virtually unbreakable. This allows me to arrange the flowers in various different ways to decorate wedding cakes, from traditional hand-tied bouquets to stunning cascades:

floral wedding cakes in bedfordshire handmade hand tied bouquet

2.) Custom made to match your wedding styling and a BIG talking point for your guests!

Although fresh flowers are available in an endless variety of colours, sometimes it might be difficult to find the exact shade you are looking for locally or at a particular time of year. This is when handmade flowers can be a great equivalent to fresh flowers as colours can easily be customised to match the theme of your wedding. As someone who specialises in floral wedding cakes, I also like to pay attention to the different shades within each flower to really craft a centrepiece that will wow your guests!

white handmade flowers for wedding cakes in milton keynes
Navy wedding cakes

3.) Always in bloom, whatever the weather!

If you decide to choose handmade flowers for your wedding cake, you don’t have to worry about whether or not they’ll be available at that time of year! Although peak wedding season is in the summer months, an increasing number of couples are now opting for an autumn or winter wedding, when the choice of fresh flowers in the UK may be more limited compared to spring or summer.

If you are looking for floral wedding cakes in Bedfordshire, Buckinghamshire or the nearby counties please contact me to arrange a chat. You can also visit my Instagram page to see more photos of my handmade flowers. 

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