Lace Wedding Cakes

Lace Wedding Cakes

Along with floral-inspired designs, I love wedding cakes that are decorated with lace. With their delicate details often inspired by bridal gowns, they really are the epitome of timeless elegance. 

As I have discussed in one of my previous blog posts, there are various ways to create a lace effect on wedding cakes. These include traditional hand-piping (using royal icing), stencils and hand-cut appliques, all of which produce different but equally beautiful results. It is often possible to combine several techniques depending on the type of lace that is used as inspiration. This adds an interesting dimension to the design and can really take a wedding cake to another level. 

Over the past few years I have designed many  wedding cakes using different lace techniques. I work closely with each of my couples and design their bespoke wedding cake according to their personal taste and preferences. Here are some of my favourite lace-inspired cakes:

bespoke wedding cakes in milton keynes white lace wedding cake with red and peach handmade roses

Burgundy Romance is one of my most favourite lace designs to date. The delicate appliques, which were all individually hand-cut and embossed before being dusted with edible lustre dust, were extremely time consuming to make but looked stunning on this white wedding cake. 

white wedding cake with red and peach rose and custom monogram
A closer look at the pretty lace details

Another one of my favourite lace-inspired cake designs is Claire, where I used both hand piping and appliques to add more interest to the design:

teal wedding cake with lace applique flowers and hand piping

Dusky Romance is another design that is a personal favourite. For this cake I used the modern technique of stencilling to create a lace effect:

ivory lace wedding cake with flowers in dusky tones

These are just a few of my favourite lace wedding cakes – please visit my gallery to see my entire portfolio. And if you are looking for wedding cakes  in Milton Keynes, Aylesbury, Buckinghamshire or the surrounding counties please feel free to contact me for a chat!

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