A Beautiful Wedding at De Vere Horwood Estate in Milton Keynes

Luxurious Wedding Cakes in Milton Keynes

Supplying luxurious wedding cakes in Milton Keynes and throughout Buckinghamshire gives me the opportunity to meet some amazing couples who give me plenty of creative freedom, which allows me to make wedding cakes that are truly bespoke and unique to each couple.

As someone who makes bespoke wedding cakes, my ideal client is one who brings all their inspiration for the different elements of their wedding and asks me to design something to fit in! I strongly believe that each wedding cake should be unique to the couple it is made for, and always try and personalise the design as much as possible.  So I was absolutely delighted when I got a sudden phone call from a wonderful couple, towards the end of April 2019, to ask if I would be able to make their wedding cake for the 9th of June…..2019! Because of the ‘last minute’ nature of the enquiry, we had to arrange an immediate consultation. When the couple saw my display cakes, they knew they had come to the right place, and I knew as soon as I met them that making a wedding cake for them would be great fun.  Not only did they have great taste (which I gauged from their choice of venue and colour scheme), but they were also flexible and completely trusted me to come up with a suitable cake design for their beautiful outdoor summer wedding.

Delivering luxurious wedding cakes in Milton Keynes means that I get to see some stunning venues, including the beautiful De Vere Horwood Estate, which is one of my favourites, and luckily where the wedding was due to be. As I have said before, in my post ‘how much do wedding cakes cost,’ one of the most important factors that affect the style of your wedding cake is in fact your chosen venue.  The fact that this particular wedding was to be at De Vere Horwood Estate meant that the cake had to be more traditional in style, but with a modern twist with contemporary deep tiers.

Initially the couple decided that they wanted a scaled-down version of my ever-popular Lustrous Lace design, but with flowers to match their beautiful colour scheme of blush pink inserted between the tiers.

4 tier ivory lace wedding cakes

Given the time constraint, I was initially relieved that the couple decided to go with one of my previous designs; but I felt that it would be best to personalise the design to make it a truly bespoke wedding cake that would be unique to them. I thought about it for a few hours, and then I suddenly had a brainwave! The very next day, as soon as I had a few moments, I roughly sketched two designs to show the couple at our next consultation:

lace wedding cakes in milton keynes design sketch
wedding cake in milton keynes sketch with lace and monogram

During my first consultation with the couple, we had briefly talked about using a cake topper to personalise their wedding cake design, however we mutually agreed that it would be difficult to source one that would match the elegance of their chosen design and so decided to leave it out. Later on it occurred me to include a custom monogram, which would work very well with this particular design and is by far one of the best ways to personalise a wedding cake.

After the couple decided to go with the second design, we had to decide on what kind of lace to use. Because they had fallen in love with Lustrous Lace we decided to stick with a similar lace pattern, but with smaller flowers with ‘rounded’ petals, randomly placed to create a fairly dense pattern:

bespoke wedding cake with lace and custom monogram

Now onto the flowers. It was a challenge to get the shade of pink that would suit the couple’s colour scheme of blush pink, but after liaising with the wonderful ladies at The Flower Company, who were to be responsible for all the floral arrangements on the day, and mixing up different colours to get the right shade of pink, I finally managed to get a suitable match based on the colour of the ribbon that was going to be used for the bride’s bouquet:

I could not wait to set up this cake at De Vere Horwood Estate. To my delight it was a perfect fit for the recently re-decorated Eyre Suite:

elegant ivory contemporary luxurious wedding cakes in Milton Keynes

If you are getting married in Milton Keynes, Buckinghamshire, or the surrouding counties and would like to me to make your bespoke wedding cake then please get in touch – I would love to hear from you!

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