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Luxury Bespoke Wedding Cakes in Buckinghamshire

As someone who makes luxury bespoke wedding cakes in Buckinghamshire, my cake designs are renowned for both their elegance and intricacy.

Besides pretty handmade flowers (especially roses – all kinds!) one of my favourite things is bespoke lace inspired by bridal gowns, and is something that I frequently use to decorate my luxury bespoke wedding cakes. Not only does lace go beautifully well with the flowers that are on the wedding cake, but it is also a wonderful way to create a truly personalised design that is unique to each of my couples.

There are many ways to create a lace effect on wedding cakes, some of which I have yet to try (such as cake lace, for which there are literally hundreds of designs available on the market!). It is often possible to use a variety of techniques on one cake, usually by layering up the different mediums to create an interesting look. One example of where I have done this is my Autumn Florals wedding cake design:

luxury bespoke wedding cake with custom lace pattern

For this wedding cake, I used a mixture of hand-piped lace patterns, leaves and pearls for the main design on each tier. I then added little hand-cut lace applique blossoms, which were first textured using different parts of a lace mould and then dusted with pearl lustre dust for a soft sheen. These were then stuck between the sets of piped ‘vines’ and tiny dots added in the centre for interest.

Traditional hand-piping

This technique can be time-consuming, but the end result is worth the effort.

Hand-piped lace is especially suited to cord lace patterns, which is the most common type of lace used in modern bridal gowns. I have used this technique to add pretty cord lace patterns in my Frills & Pearls wedding cake design:

luxury wedding cake with piped cord lace

Since the colour of the icing was a pale ivory, I painted the piped lace patterns with delicate pearl lustre dust for a pretty, delicate shimmer and to make them stand out.


This is another hugely popular technique and one that can be used in conjunction with other methods to create lace designs on bespoke wedding cakes.

One of my favourite stencil designs is Vintage Vine by Designer Stencils. I have used different parts of this stencil on each of the tiers of my Roses and Vines wedding cake:

two tier white cake with stencilled pattern and pink and white roses

The good thing about stencilling is that different parts of the stencil can be used on each tier of your wedding cake for added interest. There is also a huge variety of designs to suit different tastes, styles and wedding themes, so you really are spoilt for choice!

Hand-cut applique lace

Cutting out lace by hand, and then texturing it can be pretty labour-intensive! However, the results are breathtaking and really do make for a luxury bespoke wedding cake:

4 tier ivory lace wedding cakes

If you are planning a wedding and are looking for a bespoke wedding cake, please feel free to contact me and I would be happy to help you design the wedding cake of your dreams.

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