Modern Wedding Cakes in Northamptonshire

Modern Wedding Cakes in Northamptonshire

As someone who designs modern wedding cakes in Northamptonshire, I have to make sure I keep up with the latest cake trends.  I really enjoy the challenge of trying new decorating techniques and developing my portfolio at the same time. Having said that, I do always remain true to my signature style as that is when I produce my best work and it shows in the finished cake.

If you are looking for modern wedding cakes in Northamptonshire please get in touch to arrange a chat!

Here are a few of my most favourite modern wedding cake designs:

modern wedding cakes in northamptonshire grey wedding cake with rose cascade
Rose Cascade

Whoever said that wedding cakes have to be all white?! These days, more and more couples are opting for coloured icing. It is also common to see different coloured tiers on one cake. This may work on some cakes, but I often prefer to stick to one base colour and incorporate other colours through the flower work as I have done here.

tiered wedding cakes in hertfordshire all white wedding cake with white handmade flowers and white stencilled pattern
Floral Abundance

Floral Abundance may seem quite small compared to its tiered counterparts, but definitely makes a strong impact! It was 6 inches in diameter and 7 inches tall. Tall cakes are hugely popular, which makes Floral Abundance a great example of modern wedding cakes in Northamptonshire! Extra height was added to the cake by the pretty floral arrangement on top. Cakes of this size are ideal for intimate weddings and perfect for the modern bride and groom.

white and pink marble wedding cake
Pink Marble

As I said above, you often see different coloured tiers in modern wedding cake design! This can sometimes look quite nice and adds interest to the design. Here I used a pink marbled base tier to coordinate with the pink roses on the top tier. The pink marble effect also softens the contrast created by the black centre of the anemone flower, and overall gives this cake design a very modern feel.

bespoke navy blue wedding cake with handmade flowers
Summer Garden

I never thought I would ever use a colour as dark as navy blue on any of my cakes! However, after experimenting a little with dark colours I now love them. This is just as well because dark cakes are featuring more and more in modern weddings, and look great when done well.

Please contact me if you are looking for modern wedding cakes in Northamptonshire. I also provide wedding cakes in Bedfordshire, Hertfordshire, Buckinghamshire, Oxfordshire and London.

Please feel free to browse my gallery or Instagram page for more inspiration.

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