Modern Wedding Cakes – Part 2

Modern Wedding Cakes - Part 2

Cake Flavours

Continuing the theme of modern wedding cakes, today’s post is all about cake flavours, which have evolved over the last few years to include a whole array of interesting and delicious flavour combinations.

Some of these new flavours are exotic alternatives to classic recipes, and are very popular amongst couples wanting something a little different for their wedding cake. One example of this is my new favourite: lime, coconut and white chocolate. The fresh zesty flavour of this cake with a hint of coconut is a wonderful alternative to traditional lemon drizzle; and when paired with white chocolate ganache with a subtle hint of lime it really is THE perfect flavour for a modern wedding cake.

Another hugely popular flavour is one of my newest recipes: pistachio and rose. I used a traditional sponge cake as the base for this recipe, and after a few trials I am pleased to say that it is now perfect, with just the right balance of flavours. For the filling, I have used both white chocolate ganache and Swiss Meringue buttercream with a subtle rose flavour, and both taste wonderful. However, if you are planning a summer wedding and would like this as a cake flavour I would recommend that we use white chocolate ganache as a filling as it is more stable than buttercream and can withstand the heat a lot better. It is also far more indulgent, which should go down very well with your guests!

pistachio and rose flavoured wedding cake slices

However, it’s not just cake flavours that have evolved in recent years, but also the fillings used in layered cakes and the way in which the cakes are prepared for icing, too. Gone are the days when simple vanilla buttercream and layers of jam and marzipan were used to fill and coat wedding cakes, in preparation for a rather thick and unpalatable layer of sickly-sweet sugarpaste (fondant)! These days there are endless varieties of fillings for layered cakes, and chocolate ganache is generally used to coat cakes before they are iced with sugarpaste. I personally use Belgian chocolate and premium quality Swiss sugarpaste to coat and ice all of my celebration and wedding cakes. Not only does this give them an extremely fine finish but the quality of ingredients ensures that a cake from The Rose Cake Parlour tastes as good as it looks.

4 tier ivory lace wedding cakes

Please see our flavours page for more information about the delicious flavour combinations we offer. If you would like to sample some of our delicious cakes please get in touch to arrange a consultation, which also includes a free design service where we can discuss your dream wedding cake.

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