Tiered Wedding Cakes

Tiered Wedding Cakes

Tiered wedding cakes are most definitely on trend, and are likely to always be the most popular choice for weddings. These days, not only are individual cake tiers getting taller by the day, but quite often wedding cakes have at least 3 tiers – in fact, on social media it appears that the average number of tiers on a standard wedding cake is 4!

However, given the fact that the standard depth of a cake tier these days is between 5-6 inches, if you are planning to have a fairly intimate wedding reception then you don’t necessarily need a huge cake to make an impact. In fact, in such cases a tall single tier or two-tier cake could easily have a ‘wow’ factor that is equal to their taller counterparts.

In addition to tiered wedding cakes, I have made a number of single tier and two-tier cakes that are perfect for intimate wedding receptions, with more of these to come next year! Here are a few of my most favourite designs:

tiered wedding cakes in hertfordshire all white wedding cake with white handmade flowers and white stencilled pattern
Floral Abundance

Floral Abundance is perhaps my most popular single tier wedding cake design. The height of the cake itself (7 inches) is enough to make the desired impact of a wedding cake, with extra height added by the beautiful florals, arranged to resemble a modern bridal bouquet. I used a variety of roses for this cake design, typical of romantic bouquets, along with ranunculus, sweet peas and delicate scabious flowers all in slightly different shades of white for a more realistic look. The end result was delightful and makes Floral Abundance the perfect choice for a smaller wedding reception.

elegant dusky pink birthday cake
Roses & Jewels

Roses and Jewels is a perfect cake design for couples looking for a clean and classic wedding cake. The pink of the icing is enough to make a statement and perfectly complements the delicate jewel-effect piping. Finished off with pretty pale pink and cream roses, this cake really is the epitome of understated elegance.

cake maker in milton keynes single tier white wedding cake with lavender scabious flowers
Scabiosa Charm

This is another firm favourite of mine! This delicate design was inspired by an image of the most beautiful lavender scabious flowers with white and the most striking violet blossoms. I felt that it had to be captured in a cake and was delighted with the result!

ivory lace wedding cake with flowers in dusky tones
Dusky Romance

Two-tier cakes like Dusky Romance (which in some ways is a one-and-a-half tier cake) are a good alternative to regular tiered wedding cakes. This sort of modern design allows for the impact of two tiers but without excessive amounts of cake!

If you are looking for tiered wedding cakes  or single tier cakes within Buckinghamshire, Bedfordshire, Oxfordshire or London please do get in touch.

Please visit my gallery or Instagram page to see more of my cake designs. 

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