The 5 Most Common Questions About Wedding Cakes

Wedding Cake Maker in Buckinghamshire

Being a wedding cake maker in Buckinghamshire, I get to meet couples from various different backgrounds, with very different tastes, styles and preferences. I design wedding cakes for a whole range of different weddings, from intimate, traditional English countryside weddings at venues such as Creslow Manor to colourful Asian weddings with over 500 guests!

As a wedding cake maker in Buckinghamshire, I have the advantage of being in a great location which also allows me to deliver wedding cakes in Bedfordshire, Hertfordshire, Northamptonshire and Oxfordshire.

However, even though each location and wedding is different, there are a few questions that are generally asked by the vast majority of couples, and are discussed below.

Do I have to commit to a wedding cake design when I book?

Many couples seem to think that as soon as they book their wedding cake maker they are obliged to commit to a design that cannot be changed.

I cannot speak on behalf on other wedding cake makers in Buckinghamshire (or anywhere else for that matter), but I personally do not ask my couples to commit to a particular wedding cake design right away. In fact I usually recommend waiting until about 4-6 months before the wedding – by that time you will have hopefully booked other key suppliers such as your florist, who I can then liaise with in order to incorporate other elements of your wedding into the design of your wedding cake.


Do we collect the cake or will you deliver it?

I personally deliver and set up your wedding cake on the morning of your wedding. I deliver wedding cakes in Buckinghamshire, Bedfordshire, Hertfordshire, Northamptonshire and Oxfordshire. If you are getting married further afield I can certainly help but it would be best to contact me first to discuss this in more detail.

I do not generally recommend collecting tiered wedding cakes as not only are they extremely heavy but they can also be very fragile, and so there is a danger of them being damaged during transit if they are not properly handled.

How much do your wedding cakes cost?

There are many factors that influence the price of your cake, some of which I have discussed in my earlier post “how much do wedding cakes cost,” and so it is impossible for me to give an exact price via email, without knowing anything about the number of portions required, flavours, design complexity, etc.

In order to give couples an accurate quote, I always ask them to provide me with as much information as possible. Even if you are unsure about the exact design you would like, I can at least give you a few different price bands to help you make a decision more easily.

luxury wedding cake flavours in milton keynes finger portion with four layers

I don’t like the taste of icing!

This seems to be a common issue amongst many couples these days, and is probably due to unpleasant past experiences with rather thick and sickly-sweet layers of icing that ruined the taste of a perfectly delicious slice of cake (which I can completely understand!)

However, as an experienced wedding cake maker I have had customers who came to me with the exact same concerns, but who then decided that they actually didn’t mind the taste of icing after sampling my cakes which are ALL covered with the finest Swiss sugarpaste (icing). Not only is the brand of sugarpaste that I use delicious in itself, but in combination with Belgian chocolate ganache it really does take the taste of a cake to another level. In addition to its great taste it also helps to give all my wedding cakes an extremely clean finish, which is an added bonus.

Do you use marzipan?

The answer to this question would be a resounding NO! First of all, I no longer offer fruit cake as a wedding cake flavour (for reasons that are beyond the scope of this post). Marzipan is essential for covering a fruit cake, so with the latter being removed from the equation, there is simply no need for the former!

Secondly, although I personally like the taste of marzipan in combination with, for example, a vanilla sponge, many people do not like marzipan at all, so it is better to skip it altogether to be on the safe side. The last thing you want is for your guests to complain about the taste of your wedding cake!

If you have any other questions about wedding cakes, or would like to discuss your own wedding cake, please do get in touch. You are welcome to call me on 07484 155 137 or email . Alternatively please use the contact form and I will be in touch. 

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