Why I Don’t Make Naked Wedding Cakes

Wedding Cakes in Aylesbury

Supplying wedding cakes in Aylesbury allows me to cater to lots of different wedding themes – from vintage themed events at venues like Creslow Manor to more relaxed, informal weddings at Manor Farm Barn.

Generally speaking, whenever I get enquiries for wedding cakes in Aylesbury they are mostly for traditional iced cakes with three or more tiers. However, recently I have noticed that lots of people seem to want naked or semi-naked wedding cakes both in Aylesbury and in other areas too. This could be for many reasons, one of which is that a lot of couples seem to think that a naked wedding cake would be best simply because it is the cheapest option.

First of all, a naked or semi-naked wedding cake might not be significantly cheaper than a fairly simple iced cake. The reason for this is that although there isn’t much involved in the making of a naked or semi naked wedding cake in terms of the decoration (that is generally done by your florist using fresh flowers), they can be equally stressful for wedding cake makers as the process of baking, filling and layering each tier is the same, but with the added pressure of them having to be baked very last minute in order for them not to dry out.

There are also a few other disadvantages of naked and semi-naked wedding cakes, which don’t often occur to most couples. I recently got a call from a couple (who then booked me for their summer wedding) and the first question they asked was whether I make naked wedding cakes. After I explained the reasons as to why I do not think naked cakes are the best option for a wedding they quickly changed their mind and opted for a beautiful iced wedding cake, with a delicate lace pattern, custom monogram and pretty handmade flowers which complemented both their luxury venue and wedding theme.

wedding cakes in aylesbury white iced cake with purple flowers

Some of the disadvantages of naked and semi-naked wedding cakes are as follows:

The cake might sink/lean to one side in hot weather (especially if buttercream is used)

Not only have I seen photos of this unfortunate occurrence, but have also been told this by trusted florists who have had plenty of experience of dressing naked and semi naked wedding cakes with fresh flowers. There is an even greater risk of this happening in hot weather, especially if buttercream is used to fill and lightly coat the cake.

The cake can easily dry out

Because there is nothing to seal in the moisture, naked cakes can easily dry out which can be extremely off-putting for both you and your guests. Iced wedding cakes, on the other hand, remain deliciously moist and fresh in all weather conditions, due to the layer of sugarpaste and ganache coating underneath, both of which help preserve the cake.

Very little scope for personalisation of the cake design

Apart from fresh flowers, fruit, and perhaps a little texture, there is not much else that can be done with a semi-naked wedding cake in terms of decoration, and thus there is the chance that your wedding cake might not be as unique to you as you would want it to be. Most naked and semi-naked wedding cakes look very similar, and are a reflection of current trends rather than the couple.

However, iced cakes open up the doors to all sorts of wonderful design ideas, and really allow wedding cake makers to make cakes that are unique to each couple and their wedding theme. From intricate lace designs to delicate beading, the possibilities are endless.

If you have any more questions about naked cakes, or what sort of cake might be suitable for your wedding, please feel free to contact me on 07484 155 137. You can also use the contact form, or email me at info@therosecakeparlour.co.uk 

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